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London’s largest HIV charity offering a wide range of support services

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Our Services

testing with Positive East Now available: Re:Assure Women's Project report

A who are living with HIV and who have experienced traumatic events.

Read about the aims and how it was set up.


The Re:Assure programme is co-funded by Comic Relief and The City Bridge Trust.




testing with Positive EastNeed advice or information? We're here to help ...

We have a wide range of practical and complementary services for people living with HIV. These include individual counselling and advice sessions, support groups, help getting your correct benefit entitlements as well as courses, information and various free services. Working in partnership with other HIV charities and health care professionals in London, we will always signpost you to who can help you the best.

For details about all our courses, events and activities, visit our ‘’ page.

Coming soon ..

Stop Online Abuse: Know your rights: Report, complain, campaign

An online life is something many of us take for granted. Smartphones, email, social networking, online dating, chat rooms, blogs, online gaming, Facebook and Twitter – most of us spend part of everyday interacting with others in this online world.

This has vastly increased our ability to share information and views with people around the world. But sometimes these online interactions become abusive and harmful. You do not have to accept or put up with abuse. .

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