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Stand with Positive East

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of individuals and communities affected by HIV.

To achieve this goal, we at Positive East work closely with charitable trusts and foundations to form funding partnerships to support a range of services.  We reach out to the most marginalised and isolated groups, whose experience of HIV is exacerbated by poverty, poor housing, isolation, treatment literacy, other co-mobidities, cultural/linguistic barriers to accessing services and HIV related stigma.

Your support can enable us to:

  • Promote our services so that everyone affected by HIV residing in East London knows there is a charity they can turn to for confidential support and advice.
  • Support & Empower our service users to take ownership of their lives and move forward in a positive direction and in a position to support other people affected by HIV
  • Evaluate in order to understand the people that we ae supporting through rigorous monitoring and evaluation of our services so we can deliver the best support possible care to those who need it the most.