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HIV & STI Testing

Free, fast and confidential HIV and STI tests

Testing for HIV and STIs has never been easier. Just a simple prick of the finger and you’ll find out your HIV status within 15 minutes!


At Positive East we deliver in-person HIV & STI testing from community venues across East London including our building in Stepney Green, libraries, bars, pharmacies and sex-on-premises venues. We also offer assisted testing through Zoom and Microsoft Teams by posting out test kits and guiding you on how to accurately take a sample and read the results.

Test results are most accurate 3 months after the exposure to HIV (this is known as the window period). If you want to know if you’re outside our recommended window period you can ask Pat. Chat to Pat – Positive East

Use the system below to book a test with us and keep an eye out for new venues and spaces across East London.

If you have any questions please email prevention@positiveeast.org.uk or call 020 7791 2855 (option 3)  You can alsoChat to Pat‘ our sexual health chatbot HERE