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Re:Assure Women’s Project

A specialist programme for HIV positive female refugees and asylum seekers and domestic violence survivors

The Re:Assure project is a dedicated project for refugee, asylum-seeking or migrant women who are living with HIV and who have (experienced) traumatic events. The Re:Assure project supports women on their journey in overcoming traumatic experiences and consists of the following three components:

The Self Expression, Sex & Relationships group – this group focuses on relationships, sexual confidence, and helps to increase self-esteem by improving women’s knowledge regarding sexual health & HIV, sexual pleasure, sexual rights & sexual wellbeing and their ability to speak about these issues. 

The Turnaround group–this group focuses on decreasing self-stigma by increasing self-confidence, self-esteem, coping strategies and strengthening the mind/body connection. These elements, plus the sharing of stories and successes, help women to work through trauma and increases their ability to more effectively deal with trauma from the past. 

Individual clinical psychology sessions – sessions to talk about various difficulties that may arise in a person’s life e.g. Anxiety, Depression, Low self-esteem, Recent diagnosis of HIV, Disclosing HIV status, Stigma, Trauma, Family difficulties, Relationship or sexual problems.


In 2020, our Re:Assure Women’s Project helped nearly 100 women overcome traumatic experiences