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Vision & Mission

Positive East has been at the forefront of HIV service and care for three decades; supporting people from point of HIV diagnosis to longer term care.

Guided by our mission - to improve the quality of life of individuals and communities affected by HIV – we have developed a holistic range of health and wellbeing programmes from counselling to workshops to HIV testing and prevention.

To achieve our mission, efficiently deliver our services, and to make a valuable contribution to London’s wider response to HIV care, we work towards three primary organisational goals:

  • Provide a holistic range of services that enable people living with HIV to promote their health and well-being, support self-management, and to gain and sustain their independence.
  • Maintain and increase work in building a safer sex culture, supporting people to stay HIV negative, reduce undiagnosed infection and reduce late diagnosis of HIV and the onward transmission of HIV.
  • Influence policy development and service improvement that will enable us to further our mission.

Our 30 year history


Our Positive East journey began in the Spring of 1991. Community activists from across East London joined together to establish two organisations with one singular aim: to provide direct care and support to those living with HIV in the East End. Built on the key principles of community mobilisation, The Globe Centre and the London East AIDS Network were formed.

These two organisations would help see us through the height of the pandemic: a time when ARTs had yet to be developed, mortality rates were at an all-time high, and the introduction of Section 28 further fanned the flames of homophobia, firmly entrenching widespread HIV stigma. 

Positive East was born from the merging of these two organisations, and the pooling together of resources and insight under one roof to create a stronger impact in the community.

30 years on, and Positive East remains grassroots in its definition. The evergreen passion of our staff, volunteers and supporters reflects our tradition of community-based HIV activism, and we continue to be propelled forward by the memory of all those who have come before us.

Marking 30 years as one of London’s largest community-based HIV charities gives us a moment to pause, and to reflect, on both our achievements and what priorities remain for people living with HIV. We have seen incredible advancements in the past 5 years (not to mention 30 years): U=U is a scientific statement of fact, PrEP is now available and new HIV diagnoses continue to decline.

Nevertheless, our message as an organisation remains the same: We’re not done yet.

Our journey will not stop until everyone living with HIV is able to live empowered lives, free from stigma; where myths and misconceptions about HIV no longer guide the narrative. At Positive East we want the story of HIV to be an inclusive one of success, one which involves a legacy where no person or community is left behind.