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Peer Mentoring

Become a Peer Mentor

Support and empower others with your experience and knowledge

We are always looking for people to share their experiences of living with HIV to help others in their journey. Use your experience to support others in having a better relationship with their diagnosis themselves and others.

After receiving full training, you will be paired up with those who access our peer support programme,  guiding and helping them based on your experiences and knowledge.

Next Peer Mentor Training dates: 

Email talktome@positiveeast.org.uk for the next training dates. 

What does a peer Mentor do?

As told by one of our Peer Mentor’s Greg

“I am a peer mentor and I have lived experience of living with HIV. I share the knowledge and experience I have gained. I am aware some people living with HIV need some encouragement and support in making some positive changes. I support Positive East service users who may be experiencing difficulties in living with HIV.

My lived experiences are very valuable. I am part of a community and I enjoy helping others to break down the barriers and stigma of living with HIV.

'Working with Positive East Peer Mentoring programme allowed me to make an impact on the community' – Max

'Peer Mentoring programme helped me so much, I now feel more confident and able.' – Nomi

Join us be part of our Team

Bring your lived experience and we will support you with our comprehensive training to give you the structure to work safely with others. In addition, we will support you in your role in with our Reflective Peer mentor Practice meetings.