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Your Impact

Our Supporters

Thank you to all of the individuals, companies and organisations who stand with Positive East. Below is an example of the impact we have been able to achieve with the support of the community.   CLICK HERE to download our annual Service User survey to learn more about our impact and outcomes. 

Annually, our Advice Team supports over 600 people

In 2020, migrated our Advice service online, with phone and video meetings taking the place of our usual office-based face to face appointments. In the Summer of 2022, we will return to a hybrid model offering both face-to-face as well as online support. Some of the most common needs have included support to access the benefits to which they are entitled, food and hardship grants to help pay for daily living costs such as utility bills.

Our established networks helped us to support everyone who came to us for help and we are incredibly proud to have supported 629 people in 2021.

Last year we delivered 1,500 counselling sessions!

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our traditional face-to-face counselling service moved online (including online Zoom and Skype sessions as well as telephone support) to meet the challenges of this difficult time. We are incredibly proud to say that we managed to deliver 1,500 counselling sessions last year.

Last year, our Volunteers provided nearly 9,000 hours of support.

Our incredible volunteers deliver 1 in every 4 hours of work we provide. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to reach and help as many people as we do – supporting those living with HIV to lead full, happy and healthy lives and providing information and advice to the wider community. In 2020, as we redeveloped our services and moved everything online, they managed to deliver nearly 9,000 hours of support! We are incredibly thankful for the continued support our volunteers have shown in their adapted roles.

Annually we provide nearly 2,000 HIV tests across east London!

At Positive East we deliver in-person HIV & STI testing from community venues across East London including our building in Stepney Green, libraries, bars, pharmacies and sex-on-premises venues. We also offer assisted testing through Zoom and Microsoft Teams by posting out test kits and guiding you on how to accurately take a sample and read the results.  In 2021 we provide 1927 HIV tests across East London. 

Thank you for your support